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Ukrainian traffic exchange network

On 10Th of August 2000 there was an idea of ​​the Ukrainian exchange point Internet traffic.

This day was a historic moment for the Internet industry in Ukraine, when eight Ukrainian companies after much discussion have signed the "Agreement on the establishment of Ukrainian Internet Exchange Point (UA-IX)".

Today Ukrainian traffic exchange network is an example of technical and financial accessibility for all operators and providers in Ukraine. This is evidenced by the number of participants in the network.

UA-IX provides connectivity network for Ukrainian and foreign providers and the exchange of traffic between them on the shortest routes. The exchange of IP traffic in UA-IX is carried out in accordance with the "All to all".





The contest of sites

UIA pays special attention to supporting projects aimed at developing content for young Internet users, including the annually held All-Ukrainian contest for the best website of the educational institution (with the support of the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine).

The purpose of the contest is the introduction of information technologies in educational process and providing new convenient tools of interaction of all participants - students, parents, teachers and school administrators, with the aim of stimulate initiatives in this field, focusing on the importance of a full, quick and easy information about the activities of educational institutions of Ukraine by means of the Internet.





The project ""

The IAU has createdand support the project "", aimed at the elimination of the content related to violence. Created in 2008, the project is helping to eradicate from the Internet material that violatesUkrainian law.




The IAU is an organizer and partner of various conferences on a variety topical issues of telecommunications.










Research of the Internet audience

Opinion Software Media © - it is a project of Media Research Internet Ukrainian audience, based on user-centric approach. The project was launched on the Internet Association of Ukraine in early 2010.  The main objective of the study is analysis of attendance of web resources and the socio-demographic profile of their visitors.

Project implementer is the company InMind Factum Group Ukraine.

The Research is based on the work of the permanent representative panel of Internet users at home and work computers which installed special software. This methodology allows to monitor all visited Ukrainian users of the Internet - resources, both national and foreign. This panel presents Internet-Users all over Ukraine at the age of 15 years and older.



Glossary Internet-advertising sphere

Glossary was created by IAU Committee on Internet advertising.