How to join the Ukrainian Internet Association

Who can be a Member of the Association?

Legal entities whose activities are related with the functioning of the market of information and communication technologies and those who recognize the Charter of UIA.


What is types of membership?

Members of the Association may be valid and associates.

Active members have the right to:

  • participate in managing the affairs of the Association;
  • vote in making decisions at the General Meeting;
  • require consideration at the General Meeting issues concerning the activities of the Association;
  • elect and be elected to the Association's governing bodies;
  • receive information about the activities of the Association;
  • use all kinds of methodological and other assistance that may be provided by the Association;
  • publish their scientific works in the publications of the Association;
  • receive from the Association of assistance in protecting their legitimate rights and interests;
  • get out of the Association's members;
  • other rights contained in the Charter.


Associate members have the right to:

  • all the rules of the present members, except as outlined in paragraphs 2 and 4 in the above list.


What is the procedure for adoption in the members of the Association?

The procedure for membership in the Association provides for the passage of the next stages:

  1. Getting recommendations from two real members of the Association.
  2. Filling of statement of the candidate and the transfer the office of the Association, together with the recommendations.
  3. Consideration of the application by the Board and decision to become a member.
  4. The decision is made during one month from the date of submission of the application.
  5. Getting the message on acceptance in Association members.
  6. Payment of the entry fee.


What is the size of the annual contribution?

Annual contributions:
Full member - 5,000 UAH;
Associate member - 2,500 UAH.